A Brief History

September 13, 2016

A Brief History

History of Eyelashes (Before and After)

Everything you can nearly think of carries a great deal of history on how it came into existence however some great concepts and inventions never get the same recognition and limelight as they should so here is the history of eyelash extensions which dates back longer than most people assume.

In The 1800s when The idea of lengthening one’s eyelashes as a way of enhancing looks is not a new one. Although not yet having advanced a method to do so at the time, many scholars and publications on fashion in the late 1800s showed on how to lengthen your eyelashes. Approaches advised at the time included cutting the corners off of your eyelashes to inspire longer growth. Other ‘cures’ said to enhance growth included the use of pomade and coating the eyelashes with a concoction of walnut leaves and water.

Later In the 1882s it was stated in the press that people of Paris had started sewing hair onto their eyelids to create fake eyelashes. This aching pioneer method was also reported in 1899 in the Scottish press.

In 1902 a well-known hair stylish and creator Karl Nessler patented a technique in the UK to weave artificial eyelashes and eyebrows, in this 1903 this system became commercialised on a small scale. In the United States the patent for false eyelashes was performed by Canadian Anna Taylor in 1911. However, like many things it would be popular culture that lead to more widespread use of false eyelash extensions. By the 21st century more advanced eyelash extension methods came into use. Despite the artificial eyelashes of the past modern eyelash extensions are far more precise. Noted to have been established in either Japan or Korea in the early 2000s these methods achieved widespread use by 2004. Fetching favoured by international celebrities and famous movies stars eyelash extensions obligated only increased in popularity. Modern eyelash extensions are made of single hairs attached to your existing eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive. These eyelash extensions come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and materials. Materials include human hair, synthetic silk, polyester, and Siberian mink fur. Modern lashes are lightweight, comfortable, and far superior to the older methods you’ve seen in the past.

A lot has changed since the birth of the False Eyelash era and the possibilities are endless. New methods, materials and techniques are being pursued by organizations daily to help create the next big game changer and when that does happen, LadyLashClub will be there to help bring it to the hands of our loyal members.

Lady Lash Club is dedicated to providing high quality lashes, unbeatable service, and making you look spectacular. Let us simplify and beautify your life.