Self Confidence

September 13, 2016

Self Confidence


Boost Your Self Confidence


Self Confidence is trusting in your own abilities. It is about believing in your own strengths and also being aware of your weaknesses. Here are some tips to boost your self confidence.

  1. Stop comparing  

It is difficult not to compare in this time of social media. It seems as if everybody is posting about how great and wonderful their lives are. Remember - they are only posting about the positives! It is important to remember that you are on your own journey and the only comparison you should be making is to yourself.

  1. Forget about what others think of you

Remember that the only opinion that matters is your own. You will continue to worry if you are concerned about what others think of you. Be confident in your decisions and remember to believe in yourself.

  1. Listen to or read positive material daily

Positive music or quotes can provide an instant pick me up. Subscribing to a daily positive thought can also help add some positivity to your day.

  1. Write in a journal

Writing in a journal is a great way to not only vent but also write about what you are grateful for. This will provide some perspective and help you to celebrate all of your daily accomplishments.

  1. List your strengths & weaknesses

Make a list of your strengths & weaknesses and try to work on improving them daily. Believing in yourself comes from trusting yourself.


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