The Power of the Gaze

September 13, 2016

The Power of the Gaze



Gazing can be an intimate activity but most people really have no clue how important a single gaze can be. Your eyes play an important role in determining your social behaviour in the outside world. In fact if you disagree with a superior you can show disagreement by holding gaze for a bit longer than normal. An interesting experiment shows the importance of gazing while dating. In one experiment, researchers told one partner on a blind date that the other had an eye problem, but that they didn’t know which eye was slow.


This caused the person to do deep eye gazing to try to figure out which eye was the problem eye. Interestingly, compared to people on control dates (they were told nothing about an eye problem) the people on the eye problem date scored each other much better and rated the date higher and more intimate. Taking all of this into account made me wonder why I don’t at least make sure I have my eyes as beautiful as they can be both in my personal and professional life.

There are three types of gazing:

  1. Social Gazing– This is a triangle from the eyes to the mouth. It is non-aggressive and shows comfort.

  2. Intimate Gazing– If you want to be intimate with someone you want to look from their eyes to their mouth and lower to the body. If someone is doing this to you it usually means they are having intimate thoughts about you.

  3. Power Gazing– This is a triangle between the eyes and the forehead. It avoids the intimate areas of the mouth and body completely. (narrowing eyes is very powerful)

Who ever thought gazing could be taken used to do everything from an authoritarian stance all the way to a sexual desire acknowledgement. All I can say is from now on, no matter what time of the day, no matter what condition or what I’m doing, I will always have my eye liner, mascara and fake lashes ready to turn the tide!

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