Travelling this Summer?

September 13, 2016

Travelling this Summer?

In Flight Essentials

Preparing for a long flight this summer? Stay calm and comfortable on your long-haul flight with our list of in-flight essentials and tips.

  1. Headphones – For listening to music, watching movies and blocking out any crying babies (or adults)
  2. Hand sanitizers and wipes – Keep your hands and area clean of nasty travelling germs
  3. Change of
  4. clothes – Change into something comfortable for the flight and be sure to pack socks and a scarf in case it gets cold
  5. A good book – A long-haul flight is the perfect time to get caught up in a juicy novel. An e-book reader is a great way to have a number of different novels at your fingertips without taking up precious luggage space.
  6. Snacks – Bring some of your own snacks as the in-flight snacks are usually loaded with sodium. Also remember to stay hydrated on the flight by drinking lots of water. Bring your own water bottle and get it filled up during the flight.
  7. Toiletries – A good set of toiletries is key during long flights. You should include the essentials such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, moisturizer, lip balm, a comb, and of course some LadyLashClub mink lashes so you can hit the ground running looking your absolute best.
  8. Sleep as much as possible – Sleeping on air planes is not an easy task for many but it does help you adjust to possible time zone shifts when you land. Sitting in the window seat helps because you can use the window as a head rest.

These items will not only help make your long flight much more bearable but also ensure that you will step off the plane looking fabulous. If all else fails, remember that the suffering experienced on the long haul flight will be well worth it once you have reached your destination.

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