What are you thankful for this Fall?

October 06, 2016

What are you thankful for this Fall?

Take time to reflect this October.

Thanksgiving in my family is a rare time every year. It’s a time when we stop and share what we are thankful about. A recent Harvard study of over 2,000 people showed that people spend an average of 47% of their time thinking about something other than the present moment. This is usually past failures or future stresses, and has a direct connection to their happiness. Simply put the more present you are, the happier you are. Here are your top three ways to be more present:

  1. Conscious Observation

    Have you ever spent anytime with a toddler? They are amazed by things that we often don’t even notice. Grass, rocks, even a cardboard box can enthrall kids. Take a moment to appreciate and observe the things around you in your present moment. Make this a daily ritual on your way to work. You will start your day being more present and grounded.
  1. The Power of Breathing

    Did you know that when you get stressed out, your body releases adrenaline causing a your breathing and heart rate to speed up and your blood pressure to rise. Quicker breathing reduces oxygen to your mind making it more difficult to make clear decisions. The next time you’re in a stressful situation, focus on deep breathing. Give yourself a minute to bring your heartrate down again. This will help to calm you down and make better decisions.
  1. Meditation Minute  

    We are inundated every day with too much. Too much information, too much work, and too many commitments. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. The next time you’re stressed, imagine you’re on a beach watching the waves. Now imagine you are writing your stressful thoughts in the sand on the shore. Now watch as the waves roll in and wash those thoughts away. It may not solve all your stresses, but it can help put your stresses in perspective and help you appreciate the present moment. 

Follow these steps to build a beautiful life inside and out – something all of us at LadyLashClub are unapologetically passionate about.   

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